The Real Benefits Of Infrared Sauna

With so many new treatments and wellness trends flooding the market these days it can be quite difficult to navigate through the plethora of options out there. What is actually beneficial and what isn't? In this article we breakdown the actual benefits of Infrared so that you can make an educated decision when pursuing the type of treatment that is right for you!

Infrared is widely used by doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists around the globe in an effort to reduce/alleviate pain, heal skin conditions, improve wellbeing and to help the body heal itself. Infrared is so safe that it is also used in hospitals around the globe to help keep newborn babies warm and cozy.

The benefits are wide-ranging from detoxification to reduction of stress as well as fatigue. It is widely used by athletes to reduce muscle aches, arthritis and to provide joint pain relief as well. Many use Infrared to help reduce weight and/or burn calories.

Infrared can also boost the immune system and alleviate certain skin conditions. It is especially useful when attempting to improve heart health and diabetes. Infrared can also reduce fine lines, wrinkles and the appearance of cellulite on one's body. It does this by purifying the skin and by removing toxins from your pores and blood. It also helps improve and increase blood circulation having a compound effect on purging your body of heavy metals, impurities and toxic waste/substances.

Overall, infrared can be a great addition to any wellness plan and when repeated consecutively over the course of days/weeks/months its benefits become much more pronounced. We recommend at least 2 sessions a week to see real lasting results. Looking to book your first session? Well look no further! Simply click here, and begin your journey of self-love and healing today with Thermalab Infrared Studios.


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