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There is a good reason why we are considered the hottest place in town (it's because we actually are!). Thermalab is a stress-free Infrared Sauna that combines the most state-of-the-art technology and grounding breaking science to allow you to achieve all your fitness goals with peace of mind and comfort + ease. 

Thermalab Infrared Studio is not your traditional sauna, the Thermalab experience combines full-spectrum infrared sauna technology and two different types of medical grade light therapies (Chromotherapy and Seasonal Affective Disorder lamp therapy) to achieve powerful benefits like:

Clearer glowing skin, an immunity boost, improved sleepcaloric burn (400 to 600 calories), improved circulation, mental clarity & mood boost after each session (this is one of our favourites), plus heavy metal/toxin and pesticide detox, just to name a few! A full detailed list of benefits can be found here at:

We are now accepting new clients and are offering you a chance to win free sessions when you sign up for a 2 session plan! Increase the effects of your fitness regime with back-to-back Infrared + Light Therapy sessions. You will see instant results as soon as you complete your first session. This is backed by real science, and the effects speak for themselves. After all the proof is truly in the pudding. 

Every session is private (you can bring up to 2 friends) and includes access to a private shower, and complimentary electrolytes. Since our EMF free, full spectrum sauna is so powerful (the most powerful in BC) sessions are 30 minutes, but doubles are always available for those that have done at least 2 sessions within our facility. Thermalab staff is always here to guide and create customized plans for people with specific goals so you can see significant, fast results that last.                                               Book your session HERE                                        We look forward to seeing you soon!


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