Frequently Asked Questions

Never hesitate to reach out and ask us any questions you have or if you would like more information regarding the answers below. We're always happy to help.

Is it infrared safe?


Yes absolutely, in fact your body emits infrared. Our equipment has also emits zero E.M.F. (electromagnetic fields) and is V.O.C. (volatile organic compound) free. 

How hot is it?

The temperature of our sauna is 75 degrees Celsius or 167 degrees Fahrenheit. With our True Wave™ full spectrum infrared technology and the nature of the near, mid and far infrared waves that are being absorbed deep into your body compared to traditional infrared saunas we are able to achieve higher internal body temperatures. Approximate 15% of full spectrum output is absorbed by the air to create the 75 C/167 F temperatures while the rest is being directly absorbed by your body. This results in greater benefits liked higher production of heat shock proteins when compared to traditional steam or dry saunas that may run at a higher temperature. Lastly our unique technology lets you get these deeper benefits fast and comfortably!    

Why are sessions only 30 minutes?


Our infrared sauna is one of the most powerful in the country. Even for experienced infrared and traditional sauna users find 15 to 20 minutes in our chamber way more than enough. You can always book an hour session, but we highly recommend if it's your first time book a normal session. You have the room to yourself for 30 mins, we encourage people to stay in the sauna for approximately 20 minutes unbroken. This allows your body to receive the full benefits of infrared therapy. 20 consecutive minutes is the time period that science has found where you get the most benefits from infrared. A short period doesn’t provide the same benefits, a longer period of time starts showing diminishing returns.  

What's the difference between Infrared therapy and other saunas?

In traditional heating technology hot air heats the air first to eventually penetrate the skin, this requires much higher temperatures, which are much less tolerable. Infrared technology skips the middle man and penetrates the body to directly heating you. This allows people to stay in longer and achieve a higher internal temperature; therefore greatly increasing benefits. Less suffering more benefit.

What should I bring?


We encourage people to bring deodorant, hairbrush, and other personal toiletries if needed. We provide towels, robes, hair dryers, electrolytes, along with Carina Organics vegan body wash, shampoo and conditioner.


What should I wear?


Feel free to bring clothing you're comfortable to sweat in, but since you have your own private room, most people prefer to do their sessions without any clothing. 


Is it clean?


Yes the entire sauna is thoroughly sanitized with special non toxic cleaning agents before and after each use, also the intense infrared waves kill 99% of all bacteria and viruses.  


Will this make me skinny?

You burn calories from the heat induced cardiovascular work out, but Infrared therapy is  meant to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and fitness plan, not as a replacement. 


Should I do anything special before or after?

Avoid alcohol before and after your session. If you feel ill or have a fever, we recommend to wait to use the therapy until you're feeling better. The infrared heat will cause you to sweat a lot so we highly recommend that you replenish with electrolytes, which hydrate faster than regular water.

How many people can go into the chamber?

3 people can fit in the chamber. The chamber is only ever booked for one reservation at a time, but the individual who made the reservation can bring up to 2 people with them.


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